Mohammad Meftaur Rahman,
Founder of Brillr Limited, ENGRN Limited

Academic Degrees

• BSc (Chemical Engineering), Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology.
• Leadership Development Program Certificate, University of Virginia, Darden School of Business.

Fields of Expertise

Power Generation, Power Project Development, Project Finance, Capital Raising, Project Agreement Negotiation, Project construction & Execution, Project Operation, Maintenance and Optimization, Renewable Energy master planning, Environmental and Social Impact Study.

Summary of employment history

• Advisor to Actis (Emerging Market Fund, (Jan 2021 till to date). Responsible for M&A of gas combined cycle power and water projects in Middle East and Africa. Currently in active transaction of $1 billion asset acquisition in Middle East. • Chief Operating Officer, Zarou Limited (Blackstone Company, (July 2018- Dec2020) Responsible for development and execution of about 5GW projects of total worth about $6 billion in Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. Blackstone is world’s largest private equity with about $600billion under management. • President & CEO, AES Jordan, From July 2014 till Dec 2018 December. Responsible for portfolio of 700 MW three power project (Amman East Project 400 MW CCPP, 250 MW IPP4 project, 52 MW AM solar project) in Jordan. Total investment under management about $1 billion. AES Jordan is a consortium of AES Corporation of USA, Mitsui & Co of Japan and NebrasPower of Qatar. AES Jordan was producing about 25% of Jordan electricity demand. • Regional Vice President, AES Corporation ( (Jan 2014- Dec 2016)for Renewable Energy project and Energy Storage project development in Middle East and North Africa • Managing Director, AES Jordan PSC (400MW Amman East project) and IPP4 project (Jan 2007 Dec 2013). Total $600 million investment under management • Worked as Director of number of projects and holding companies in Middle East. These includes AES Oasis holding company in UAE, AES Raslafan (500 MW power and water desalination project in Qatar), AES Barka (450 MW Power and water desalination project in Oman • Work as Project Manager / Head of Operations & Maintenance of AES Bangladesh (Jan 1999- Dec 2004) (AES Meghnaghat Power project, 450 MW CCPP and AES Haripur limited 360 MW CCPP). Total investment $500 million • Worked as Head of Engineering of Globeleq limited. (Jan 2005- Dec 2005)Meghnaghat Power project, 450 MW CCPP and AES Haripur limited 360 MW CCPP • Worked at number of Management position of BOC Bangladesh Limited from 1996-till Dec 1999. • As Special assignment, worked in acquisition of 1200 MW AES Ballylumford project from British Gas in Northern Ireland. Worked in Battery Energy Storage project development in Netherlands and Ireland. Also lead Task Force Asset Management program implementation in AES Eurasia (Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Jordan, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Philippines).

Accomplishment/achievements: e.g.,
• Lead Development, Operations of about 8 large projects with different technology of worth about $6 billion in Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Bangladesh and Ireland. • Experienced in project development, financing and execution in three different continents Asia, Europe and Africa. • Experienced in large capital raising. Debt raising from DFIs, Commercial Banks. Equity raising from Private Equity, Sovreign Wealth Funds and Pension funds. • Winner of about 20 International award for project management, financing, EHS and asset optimization. Winner of IFC best PPP award 2015, AES Corporation Founder award, British Safety Award, Social security award of Jordan.