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RAFANA is a platform which basically gathers in the form of of ‘Advisory Panel’ a number of individuals who are authorities in their respective disciplines. In literal terms, RAFANA was never established, rather is reformed in 2021. It cordially invited the advisory panel members to come together under one platform to spearhead a sharper and effective delivery of multi-sectoral interventions in a synchronized manner. It took the form of a consulting firm for appropriate recognition as an entity; while it provides standalone specialized development consultancy services under an overall voluntary and purely honorary services of its advisory panel, and there is where RAFANA is different! Read More


  • We are committed to social and economic improvements, both locally and globally.
  • We want to evolve continually and continue to provide highest quality advisory & consultancy services to our partners.
  • Expanding on our knowledge base, expertise & service offerings, we would like to dedicate our efforts towards sustainable economic growth and human development that foster a sustainable future.


Our vision is to make a difference and become an exceptional contributor towards building and preserving a sustainable world, a better future for our next generation and many more generations to come!

Advisory Panel

Our Advisory Panel members’ work

RAFANA is a platform of multidisciplinary professionals formed keeping in mind the diverse experiences and expertise of the advisory panel members who are capable of delivering world class need based support. The world is moving towards a complex and challenging state particularly in the contexts of addressing SDGs, Climate change adaptation and mitigation, resilience capacity, biodiversity, international and trans-boundary water issues, financial analysis and forecasting for any development intervention etc.

Bringing diverse specialists under the umbrella of RAFANA was quite a challenging task since getting right people onboard is crucial to uplift the credential of RAFANA as an advisory institution that can be a place of trust to people from different sector. In this regard, we have designated people who are reputed in their respective fields and can be of first choice by the hiring agencies through RAFANA.

The RAFANA advisory panel members have drawn from diversified professional hub from across the world having reputation and expertise in their own field of working. The advisory panel can contribute individually or in a team to any required development support sought by RAFANA and the hiring agencies. The basic specialization of the advisory panel can be broadly grouped into following fields but not limited to:

a. Climate, environment, green and sustainable development
  • Climate change adaptation, mitigation
  • Environmental resilience
  • Clean energy
  • Sustainability study
  • Risk analysis
b. M & E, capacity building
  • Monitoring and evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL)
  • Training and capacity building
  • Need assessment
  • Project framework development
c. Policy, institution and governance
  • Global environmental and development policy analysis
  • Feasibility of institutional capacity
  • Good governance in NRM
  • Community development
  • International convention, treaties and protocols and compliance issues
d. Finance, business feasibility and corporate investment
  • Financial analysis and risk assessment
  • Internal control mechanism- effectiveness assessment
  • Project forecasting and feasibility
  • Bi-lateral, multilateral and trust fund management and policy formulation
  • Micro financing
e. Forest, biodiversity and NRM
  • Forest management
  • Ecosystem modeling
  • Sustainable NRM planning and monitoring
  • Conservation biology and spatial ecology
  • Sustainable agriculture
f. Renewable Energy &power generation,
  • Renewable Energy master planning
  • Environmental and Social Impact Study.
  • Project Finance & Capital Raising
  • Project Agreement Negotiation
  • Project construction & Execution
  • Project Operation, Maintenance and Optimization
g. In partnership with our information & communication technology partner(Quickmas.com), developing and maintaining the following software modules:
  • ERP Solutions
  • HR and Payroll
  • Asset Management & Maintenance
  • Accounting, Inventory & Warehousing
  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • Production and Assembling
  • Distribution Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Fieldforce management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • eCommerce Operations
  • Website development

Our Advisory Panel Members:

Our rich group of advisory panel members have been drawn from diversified professional hub from across the world having reputation and expertise in their own field of working and their blended expertise enables RAFANA to compete for any advisory, consultancy and tailor made assignments at global, regional and national level with a difference.

The detailed credentials, achievement and field of experiences of the individual panel member can be accessed in the following link:

Dr. Carlos Ludena

Dr. Ludena is a prominent agricultural economist with PhD and Masters from Purdue University, USA. Having long track of experience, Dr. Ludena has developed working expertise in the field of Climate Finance, read more

Dr. A. M. Gilau

Dr. Gilau is an eminent environment policy and risk analyst. During his two decades of professional career Dr. Gilau has worked for the government institutions, multilateral read more

Md. J. Islam

Mr. Islam is a leading economist with professional degree in development economics. His major field of expertise includes financial sector development and microfinance and is a very read more

Dr. A. Z. M. Manzoor Rashid

Dr. Rashid, a senior academic in the field of NRM and currently serving as Professor at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet. Dr Rashid obtained three post graduate degrees read more

Dr. Swapan Kumar Sarker

Dr. Sarker is a Professor of conservation biology at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh. Through the teaching, research and academic engagement read more

Dr. Shahjahan Bhuiyan

Dr. Bhuiyan is an Associate Professor by profession at the American University at Cairo. He served as an academic at different capacities in different countries read more

Mohammad Meftaur Rahman, Founder of Brillr Limited, ENGRN Limited
Power Generation, Power Project Development, Project Finance, Capital Raising, Renewable Energy master planning, Environmental and Social Impact Study. read more

Our panel members have the right skills mix of programme proposal development, implementation and Monitoring & Evaluation, in the wide range of development programmes/projects including food safety, security, sustainable livelihood, climate change and environment, disaster risk reduction, WASH and education.

Our network and partnership:

Our rich group of advisory panel and their blended expertise enables RAFANA to compete for any advisory, consultancy and tailor made assignments at global, regional and national level with a difference. Through our advisory panel members, we reach out to a number of entities, national and international agencies and development partners to accomplish any given task/ assignment maintaining high class standard under a collaborative or individual format. Our partnering capacity enables us to connect with the following organizations:

  • UNDP
  • FAO
  • UNEP
  • ADB
  • World Bank
  • IMF
  • giz
  • JICA
  • IUCN


Scope of interventions:

Programme development and management including Monitoring and Evaluation, research and analysis, feasibility study and survey, supporting Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) implementation and evaluation. In parallel RAFANA provides financial risk assessment, auditing and effectiveness of internal control mechanism.

Fields of expertise:

  • Project managements
  • Policy diagnosis,formulation and communication
  • Advocacy strategies & action plans
  • Value based outcome measures
  • Demographic, qualitative and quantitaive research
  • Evaluation of aid effectiveness
  • Technical program design and implementation
  • Identification
  • Appraisal
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • Impact assessment
  • Feasibility and needs assessment
  • Baseline survey
  • Institutional capacity assessment and development
  • Scoping interventions for programme development
  • Financial and economic analysis
  • Financial compliance analysis and establishing fiduciary mechanism
  • SDG implementation and evaluation


Mode of operations:

RAFANA Consultants is a Canadian federally incorporated entity, operating from Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in the province of Ontario, and having its representative locations in United Kingdom & Bangladesh.

We operate as a consulting firm, guided voluntarily by the expert Advisory panel. Based on agreed and clear set of actions internally reached between the Advisory panel and the management to accomplish each assignment it accepts, RAFANA engages subject matter specialists who are experts in their respective disciplines, to carry out the tasks.

The instrument that RAFANA uses to engage with its partners remains fairly open to the agreement and understanding between the partners. It acts as a service provider of consultancy services. The firm maintains a rich pool of international specialists who are working in their respective fields for decades and have significant achievements. Each awarded task to RAFANA is dealt with by its merits and requirements in respect to engaging the appropriate experts.

Quality Assurance (QA)

RAFANA attempts to put in place a rigorously effective QA process throughout and all along the assignment, whilst it attaches particular importance to the resultant outcomes and terminal reports. The process entails both internal and external peer review, intra and cross sectoral review as well as a joint final QA (quality assurance) and due diligence review prior each endorsement of the reports to be delivered to the clients.

The inputs produced by the expert(s) are then placed for validation to the advisory panel member(s) who then evaluate the correctness of the methodology adapted, scrutinize each finding to ensure credibility, more importantly, assess each recommendation as to their feasibility to be implemented.


Corporate Values:

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Accountability
  • Philanthropies
  • Environment

Out activities are guided by the following four humanitarian principles

  • Humanity
  • Neutrality
  • Impartiality
  • Independence

How Can We Help You?

Our panel members have the right skills mix of program proposal development, implementation and Monitoring & Evaluation, in the wide range of development programs/projects including food safety, security, sustainable livelihood, climate change and environment, disaster risk reduction, WASH and education.

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Our team comprises of local and foreign professionals from diverse academic backgrounds who provide comprehensive services and holistic solutions.

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Our Information & Communication Technology partners:

Salim Rahman, Founder of (a) QUICKMAS TECHNOLOGIES (Quickmas) and (b) SPARK SYSTEMS LIMITED,
Salim Rahman is a pioneer & leading entrepreneur in the IT Industry in Bangladesh. He started with his ISP business during early days of the dot-com era and subsequently in founded Quickmass Technologies, now a leading software development company read more

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